Hello friends! 

I'm Sara. I'm a wife, a mother, and a disciple of Jesus Christ, living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'm a lay woman doing my best to serve the wounded Body of Christ, especially by lifting up the voices of those who have experience abuse in the Catholic Church.

I also serve as the executive director of a grassroots Catholic nonprofit organization called Awake, which is a community of abuse survivors, their loved ones, and ordinary Catholics working together for awakening, transformation, and healing. I would encouarage you to learn more about Awake here, but please note that In Spirit and Truth is my personal blog, separate from Awake, and and I don’t speak for the organization here.

You can contact me at inspiritandtruth@substack.com.

"Those who worship God must worship in Spirit and truth." - John 4:24

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Welcome friends! I'm Sara. I am a Catholic lay woman writing about the twin crises of sexual abuse and institutional betrayal in the Catholic Church. I focus on lifting up the voices of survivors and calling my Church to do better. Will you join me?