Aug 16, 2022Liked by Sara Larson

Thank you for sharing. Anger about being so abused is normal and healthy and I am glad you were able to feel it and eventually let it go. Those priests have taken enough of your life.

I only had I episode of priest abuse and so far I have never been angry with him-only afraid. I think that means I have not yet allowed myself to fully feel.

I do find myself angry at the church today.

My predator traumatized me but clergy today have crushed me with their denial and lack of care for me when I triggered.

I appreciate you sharing your journey 💞🙏🏻

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Aug 22, 2022Liked by Sara Larson

I really want to share all the posts on this blog especially the "Survivors' Voices" series but none of the people I know would believe or, worst of all, they just don't want to know the truth. I've broken off several friendships because of these attitudes.

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