I am not the one who was abused but it was someone I love like family. After all this abuse it just broke me when it happened to him. I support all victim survivors! I pray for you all everyday even though I have no faith in the church I still have some in God though it is a struggle. I doubt I’ll ever trust the Catholic Church again. All those lying bishops who only care about themselves. I hate them. I am just a broken angry Catholic who is trying not to give up on God! I pray and hope all survivors get judgment. I am getting help from one person. He is my connection to God. Without him I don’t know where I’d be. I believe that all dirty bishops should be kicked out of the church and put in prison! I hate all abusers! The priests that did the abusing should also be in prison no matter how old they are!


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I'm so sorry you are suffering Maralyn, but I appreciate your words of solidarity here, and your efforts to remain connected with God, in spite of the obstacles. I will echo your own words back to you: You are not alone.

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