The Victim Assistance Coordinator is the height of clergy abuse. Too many are malevolent and simply work to further abuse survivors.

I would like to see Awake stress the importance of securing legal counsel and therapy independent of the Catholic Church and not promote the Church as a source for healing.

Domestic abuse organizations would never recommend a battered woman (or man) return to the perpetrator for help and consolation.

Nor should survivor groups.

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Mar 14, 2023·edited Mar 14, 2023Author

Thank you for the comment and for your concern for survivors. Just to be clear, In Spirit and Truth is my personal blog, not sponsored by or speaking for Awake in any way.

My purpose with these Survivors' Voices posts is not to center my own voice or opinion, but just to let survivors speak for themselves about their own experiences, which vary greatly by individual. People can then use this information and their own judgment to make decisions about what they think is best for them.

~ Sara

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Thank you, Sara, for the clarification.

While I appreciate your position, I will continue believing the Roman Catholic Church is no place for healing. The Church has repeatedly proven itself untrustworthy despite the Charter, which is important to remember, was not created out of an ethical response to sexual abuse by clergy, but it was created from public outrage secondary to its decades long (if not centuries) of cover-up and vilifying its victims.

Thank you for all you do for survivors.

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