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Four Things The Bishops Didn't Do (Reflections After The USCCB's November Meeting)

It's Up To Us Now (USCCB General Assembly Day 3)

Here's What The Bishops Did Today (USCCB General Assembly Day 2)

The USCCB is Back to Business as Usual (USCCB General Assembly Day 1)

What To Expect from the USCCB Meeting This Week

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Jessica's Story, Part 4 - Questions, Answers, and Reflections

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Jessica's Story, Part 3: "I Don't Know How To Be United With A Church That Doesn't Believe Me."

Jessica's Story, Part 2: "What It's Like To Be On This Side"

Jessica's Story: "How Could I Say No?"

"We Are Profoundly Sorry That We Have Failed You" - An Open Letter to Survivors

Bad News, Beauty, and the Body of Christ

Introducing Our New Milwaukee Organization - Awake!

Why Lists Matter

"My church was my everything. They were my family... When I came forward, they left me in despair."

Voices: Maggi Van Dorn - A Catholic Podcaster Seeking Answers to the Tough Questions

We Need To Talk About This: Another Small Group Option for Discussing the Crisis in Our Church

This Is The Church.

And That's a Wrap - Updates on the USCCB Meeting Day 3

What Did The Bishops Do Today? Updates from Day 2 of the USCCB Meeting

In Case You Missed It - My Updates on the USCCB Meeting Today

"The Wounded Body of Christ" by Dr. Matthew Halbach: An Honest Review

“Letter to a Suffering Church" by Bishop Robert Barron: An Honest Review

"Healing Our Church" Small Group Resource: An Honest Review

Should My Parish Offer a Small Group Discussion about the Abuse Crisis? Thoughts for Parish Leaders

Will New Church Laws on Abuse Make Any Difference in the United States?

What Do I Think About Pope Francis' New Laws? It's Complicated.

What You Need To Know About Pope Francis' New Laws for Investigating Clergy Abuse

Deliver Us Podcast: The Best Resource I've Found For Becoming More Informed

Listen In: Sara and Meg Talk about the Abuse Crisis on the Hobo for Christ Podcast

How Can Restorative Justice Address the Harm of Clergy Sexual Abuse? Thoughts from Janine Geske

Four Things Missing From Benedict’s Essay on the Abuse Crisis

Beyond The Headlines: Thoughts on Benedict’s Essay on the Abuse Crisis

"We Priests and Bishops Haven’t Solved This": What Bishop Haines Said About the Abuse Crisis

“Please Don’t Forget About Us”: What I Heard at Another Parish Listening Session

"We Are Not Done": What I Heard at one Parish Listening Session

We Need More Listening In The Church. Here’s One Way To Do It.

Survivors Speak: "Ending Clergy Abuse" Organization at the Vatican Abuse Summit

What I Heard From Women at the FemCatholic Conference

Will You Pray With Me This Lent?

The February 2019 Vatican Abuse Summit In One Really Long Blog Post

Prepare to Be Disappointed: Thoughts about the February 2019 Vatican Abuse Summit

Who Can I Trust? A Quick Note on Sources

Mr. McCarrick Has Been Defrocked. Is That The End Of This Story?

Voices: James Egan - A Former Seminarian Offering Support to Survivors

God is Good.

Dear Archbishop

I Was Wrong

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